From a bridge to a Hub, from a dream to reality - Finland Hub launch day is approaching!

UAE has often been referred to as a bridge – a place you cross on your journey to somewhere. But that perception is changing. During a strategy process involving FBC corporate members an idea emerged a couple of years ago that a Finnish HUB, a Finland House would be much needed to take Finnish business operations, permanent and visiting, physically under its wing. To test the idea, a survey was conducted together with then ‘Finpro’ among importing or resident corporations and FBC members. There was a clear interest.  Since the confirmation of Finland’s participation in Dubai EXPO 2020 and after preliminary talks with various stakeholders involved such as Business Finland and their clients, the concept was deemed worth researching again. The operation has requires time to plan and research options, it requires capital spending and long term commitment. But now, after shortlisting candidate locations, the picture is getting clear and a dream is becoming reality. We are at final stages of negotiating an offer tailored for our needs. We will soon send our members an offer with different level options, from fixed office to floating seats, with an array of services included. Business Finland, also host of Finnish EXPO mission, is a key player in the HUB concept and for FBC, as a non-profit organization with limited resources it is a much welcome and needed step in creating a true Team Finland spirit.

FINLAND HUB is a physical, permanent or flexible place for Finnish companies and entities to have an address, office with services or showroom to examine market entry opportunities. It can be a place to co-create the Finnish offering to different segments, arrange meetings and events leading up to EXPO and beyond.  Dubai EXPO2020 is there for only 6 months, after all.  Social media and other virtual communities will complement the physical house.

FBC is an important connector to the local market before, during and after the Dubai EXPO 2020 and a means to hit the ground running. If your company is initially interested in the hub concept please contact  to make sure you will get the offer. Please make sure you are also a member.

 Jaana Räsänen-Pentti

Honorary Chairman of FBC Finnish Business Council in the UAE

Partner at the Gulfpoint