What do you want to track?

Quuppa indoor location positioning company from Finland has been cracking the GCC- market, by delivering the world’s most advanced indoor positioning technology, to provide open, low-cost and scalable solutions for applications that demand the most accurate, real-time positioning of assets and people.

Quuppa is the first indoor location company to take an ecosystem view of the Real Time Location Services (RTLS) market, providing an open positioning platform both in terms of hardware and software APIs, where each company focuses on what it does best, helping speed time-to-market. The Quuppa Ecosystem currently includes more than 70 best-of-breed companies worldwide inc. Fujitsu, Lufthansa Industry Solutions, Ubisense.

Organizations across a range of industries, including manufacturing and logistics, retail, healthcare, sports, law enforcement and security, government and others rely on Quuppa and its ecosystem partners to unlock the full potential of indoor location-based services without compromising accuracy, compatibility or cost.

“The indoor location market, including IoT and Industry 4.0, is too big and multifaceted to be served by a single company,” said Kimmo Kalliola, CEO of Quuppa. “

Hence the Quuppa strategy to GCC- market is identifying partner candidates, to develop services for industry verticals or integrate within customer systems.

They will then be introduced to partners within the Quuppa ecosystem not only provide customers access to the best technology, but also to a suite of partners that can reliably drive projects quickly to a successful completion.

To learn more about Quuppa, please visit www.Quuppa.com 


Where is My Lamborghini? - Thrilling mobile gaming innovation introduced in the GCC region

A Finnish company GP Game Production Ltd has created a thrilling and innovative entertainment concept “Where Is My Lamborghini?” that was launched in the GCC region on the 9th of September 2018. The concept is bridging mobile gaming and television, and by playing mobile gamers can win real world rewards such as mobile phones, tablets, tickets etc. instead of just points. On top, every week the most active gamers are invited to casting, and they have a chance to proceed to a cinematic reality TV series shot in Dubai. At the end of reality TV season, the mobile game final will be played in Dubai and winner will win a Lamborghini.
The TV Series also called “Where Is My Lamborghini?”, mixes movie like, cinematic introduction sequences with an adventure reality series. This is a premiere season of the exciting and amusing entertainment for the whole family. The series portrays Dubai as the mesmerizing place it is and tells the story of the city in all 10 episodes. Some of the themes presented are historic pearl diving, trade, culture, architecture and future. The reality challenges are vivid and visually lifting reality adventure to the next level. Some of the episodes have been written with no fear and feature exotic locations, military helicopters, fighter jets, boats, mansions and Hotel Heli pads etc. scripted in to the challenges taking place in the reality and cinematic sequences. As well as being an entertaining series it also markets Dubai for a wide audience via Dubai TV satellite broadcasting.

GP Game Production is producing the series in collaboration with Dubai Media Incorporated and the first episode airs in November. The mobile application is available in Google Play App Store and Apple App Store.
Download the app and start playing. It is a great opportunity to support Finnish mobile game industry and win a Lamborghini!


Newsletter from Oulu Health

OuluHealth,  one of the five Oulu Innovation Alliance ecosystems, brings together universities, researchers, healthcare professionals and health tech companies to accelerate innovation, boost the health tech business and create better solutions for the benefit of citizens. The ecosystem offers a unique test environment to develop products and services under authentic conditions with genuine users. OuluHealth is a member of European Connected Health Alliance and Business Finland networks.

Investigating the Future

FBC Newly elected board, kicked- off the season with First Business Breakfast at Media1 Hotel on 30th May 2018. Ms. Jaana Tapainen- Thiess gave us an interactive insights in Future Foresight and the tools needed for implementation, investigation and execution. We also discussed how these tools and strategies can be implemented from government to corporate level. It was interesting to learn, how future foresight strategies have already been implemented in Finland and how the Finnish strategies are being benchmarked and studied by worlds leading countries.

FBC May Newsletter

Click here for the May newsletter. 

Future is the current word of UAE.  In the morning, when opening the newspaper, it is filled with futuristic visions and strategies 2021, 2030, 2071… Also not forgetting all the platforms for future innovation, incubators, start- up platforms, labs etc. Especially for the new comers to the region, but also for long- term expats, this all might sound confusing, where to start, how to get involved? For this reason, FBC would like to lift the curtain and look behind, what's on offer for FBC, how their members, corporate members and steak holders could benefit of all these different programs and platforms. 

FBC visits Louvre Abu Dhabi

FBC visits Louvre Abu Dhabi

FBC enjoyed a facinating guided tour of the new museum which is an architectural masterpiece by designer, Jean Nouvel, and includes a growing collection of ancient archaeological finds, paintings, and both historical and contemporary installations. Hundreds of pieces represent ancient Egypt, the Roman Empire, ancient Chinese dynasties, the Renaissance, the Impressionists and the Modernists.