Membership types and fees

At FBC we have more than 100 individual and company members and through our member base we reach a much larger group of Finns and other stakeholders.

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Finnish Non-resident corporate member

Finnish company residing outside the UAE

50% of Finnish Corporate Member fees.

Finnish corporate member

21 or more employees AED 5,000

6–20 employees A ED 3,500

1–5 employees AED 1,500

Start-Up Company AED 750 (Less than three years old and Annual Turnover less than 375,000 AED)


Associate Corporate Member

Non-Finnish company with no direct association with Finnish companies or products

AED 5,000

Local corporate member

Non-Finnish company with connection to Finland

Same as Finnish Corporate Member fees.

Individual Member

Finnish or non-Finnish professional individual residing in the UAE

AED 250


Individual Guest Member

Finnish professional individual residing outside the UAE

AED 200