Investigating the Future

FBC Newly elected board, kicked- off the season with First Business Breakfast at Media1 Hotel on 30th May 2018. Ms. Jaana Tapainen- Thiess gave us an interactive insights in Future Foresight and the tools needed for implementation, investigation and execution. We also discussed how these tools and strategies can be implemented from government to corporate level. It was interesting to learn, how future foresight strategies have already been implemented in Finland and how the Finnish strategies are being benchmarked and studied by worlds leading countries.

To take a home message was Co- creation, Collaboration and Participation, without these the Future Foresight implementation will not succeed. Perhaps as a business council, we could utilize some of the strategies, starting by mapping out our board members visions- Are we all heading to the same target?!

Jaana left us with a quote by Arie de Gaus-

The real purpose of planning is not to make plans, but to change the microcosm, the mental models that decision makers carry in their heads.

We Thank Jaana for the eye- opening morning discussions and all the attendees, that have taken the time to attend this event.