Greetings from the Finnish Ambassador in Riyadh!

I was happy to meet so many Finnish Business Council members in Dubai on 15th of April. Saudi-Arabia is by far the largest economy and market in the Middle East. The country is going through profound transition in developing the economy to become less dependent on oil and petrochemical production. All this creates a lot of promising business opportunities also for Finnish companies. At the same time, the economy of the country – and in fact, much of the whole region - is still very much tied to the oil price. At least in the short run the oil market price looks rather good. In addition to Saudi Arabia the Embassy in Riyadh also covers Oman and Kuwait. The Embassy, in cooperation with the Business Finland office in Riyadh, is ready to support also Dubai based Finnish companies in their efforts to do business in these countries.  


Antti Rytövuori, Ambassador of Finland in Saudi-Arabia, Oman and Kuwait