What’s in a word?

I recently watched a video on Youtube by a Finnish comedian called Ismo Leikola where he addressed what is the best word to learn in Finnish language. It’s a highly entertaining video so whenever you have 4.43 minutes to spare, check it out and enjoy! https://is.gd/Bshpkz

The video made me think how we all have go-to words and sayings, be it in situations of stress, happy moments, or merely as you go about your day in your ‘normal’ mode. Words are powerful - we all have experienced what it feels like when someone says words of encouragement, of appreciation and of love to us, versus what it feels like when someone voices disappointment, anger, or sadness.

We can be oblivious to the voice inside, that pipes up passing judgement on our intentions or actions, making us feel bad and we don’t necessarily realize it’s there, just that we are down.

This internal voice is often called the ‘oh shit’ voice for the simple reason that more often than not it is running a “i told you so’; ‘that’s too hard’, -script, possibly in the voice of our parents, or another authority from our lives. It is produced by our unconscious minds with the intent of protecting us, as it is one of the many duties of our unconscious minds to keep us safe. But as our lives evolve and our experiences mould and change us, the ‘oh shit’ voice may still be running and outdated script, unless we train it to grow with us.

When we consciously listen out for our unconscious statements, we may find them holding us back as they are based on old, now outdated limits and rules. Only we can know what is true and false for ourselves and when we connect at this level, we can harness infinite power by replacing the old oh-shit stuff with useful and positive power words and statements and by giving them the power instead. How?

You can do this in many ways, as example write daily positive manifestation scripts that you can post right next to where you brush your teeth; by writing a journal with 10 things to be grateful for on daily basis, a success jar where you drop a note every week for what was the best thing that happened on it, by creating your personal circle of success from your best moments of happiness and success. Whatever feels the most natural for you to do will be the best option for you.

It’s worthwhile to learn to listen to and to engage with your internal dialogue. Just as the ‘oh shit voice’ has power in slowing us down, so do our own power words, positive re-enforcement statements and ‘let’s do this’ attitude. It’s your mind, your business, allow yours to push you from success to success and cheer you on all the way!

by Tiina-Maija Bergman, MindYourBusiness FZE +971 50 552 3647 @tmb_dxb

You can't live positive life with a negative mind

You can't live positive life with a negative mind