Thank you for celebrating Suomi Finland 100 years with us!

Dear FBC Members and Stakeholders,

Kiitos-Tack-Thank you-Shukran!

On Thursday, 7th of December 2017 in the Polo and Equestrian Club in Dubai we celebrated our beloved home country’s centennial together with 500 Finns and friends of Finland.

It doesn’t matter how well or nicely you prepare a party, the outcome is a result of the people and the spirit of the people. Last week we had an amazing and great party, thanks to all of you who participated in one way or another. The celebration was dignified but fun and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves and that it exactly how we wanted it to be.

Our sincere thanks goes once more to all our sponsors who made it possible! 

The Finnish Business Council wants to thank you all for the past year and wish you Happy Holidays and a successful New Year 2018!

Best Regards,

Anita Kalergis