FBC Golf Championships - honoring the traditions

FBC has organized an annual Golf Championship event since 2011 in its current form.  In early 2000’s the then Ambassador Risto Rekola hosted small golf events in Abu Dhabi.  The tradition was discontinued for many years, but as we revived the tradition in Dubai we inherited the trophy that still goes around, beaten and battered.

In 2017 we momentarily considered skipping the event because of the voluntary work effort needed for the Suomi100 –arrangements. We were happy to be boo'ed at the very idea of not organising the event, proving it has become somewhat of an establishment! The event and after party were organised at the ELS Club on November 16th, around 30 players joined the tournament. The title winner is Jari Puurtinen, the stableford category winner is Ali Irfan.  Anne Sahlström won the longest drive and Riitta Saarinen the closest to the pin tournament. In addition, to honor Finland 100 we created a new category symbolized in a blue and white lion head-cover that will be passed on to the next deserving golfer, who demonstrates relentless, un-waivered go get –spirit and sisu despite many obstacles on the way, as did Finland a hundred years ago. Ari Saarela is the proud winner of the first Sisu – Suomi 100 -trophy.  Congratulations to all the winners and many thanks to Outokumpu and the ELS club for supporting the event and prizes such as golf and f&b vouchers.