Finland’s centennial just round the corner

As I write this, the ‘Finland 100’ project’s centenary countdown tells me it is just 69 days until the big moment. The centennial will be celebrated throughout 2017 and ‘Together’ has been selected as the theme of the independence celebrations.

The Finland 100 project, which operates out of the Prime Minister’s Office, is in charge of putting together the programme but, as the project’s website declares: “[...] the centenary programme can only be created through the joint efforts of Finns and friends of Finland. The programme’s implementation and themes are going to be as diverse as Finland and the Finns.”

FBC celebrates centennial with new logo and look

The Finnish Business Council has been given a new logo and look. The new look is applied to all the various media outlets such as the website, social media channels, roll ups, member catalogue, newsletter and wherever we are visually present.

The new look was designed by the creative agency Bond, which operates not only in Helsinki, but also in London and Abu Dhabi, and is, naturally, a member of the FBC.

Bond describes the new look as follows: “Simple idea, straightforwardly Finnish, a strong logo and look, which can be likened to abstract images of Finnish lakes and Arabian dunes.” In my opinion, they’ve succeeded. You can go check out the new look for yourself at

Centennial theme also characterises FBC’s work

The centennial year programme is based on ‘doing things together’. Together, we Finns can be so much more and achieve greater things.

FBC’s spirit of togetherness continues in our monthly member meetings and Nordic networking evenings. Finland Day, already a long-standing tradition, will be organised on the 8th of December at The Address Montgomerie Golf Club. Golf and a fun Christmas spirit are on the menu. This is another event that we are arranging together with our customer companies and we are delighted with all the sponsors that are taking part. Please remember to save the date!

The 2017 centennial will be brimming with happenings, so follow FBC’s calendar on our website, go like our Facebook page and join our LinkedIn group in order to stay up to date.

Participate by blogging and on LinkedIn

We wish to offer our members far-reaching visibility. If you are an enthusiastic blogger, you can publish your writings on FBC’s website and in the LinkedIn group.
Guest bloggers are more than welcome. We distribute the blog texts together with our newsletter, which guarantees extensive recognition. Don’t miss this great opportunity!
Let’s welcome Finland’s centennial. We’re ready!

Marja-Terttu Rantanen

Vice Chairman Finnish Business Council in the UAE