Newsletter from Oulu Health

OuluHealth,  one of the five Oulu Innovation Alliance ecosystems, brings together universities, researchers, healthcare professionals and health tech companies to accelerate innovation, boost the health tech business and create better solutions for the benefit of citizens. The ecosystem offers a unique test environment to develop products and services under authentic conditions with genuine users. OuluHealth is a member of European Connected Health Alliance and Business Finland networks.

Investigating the Future

FBC Newly elected board, kicked- off the season with First Business Breakfast at Media1 Hotel on 30th May 2018. Ms. Jaana Tapainen- Thiess gave us an interactive insights in Future Foresight and the tools needed for implementation, investigation and execution. We also discussed how these tools and strategies can be implemented from government to corporate level. It was interesting to learn, how future foresight strategies have already been implemented in Finland and how the Finnish strategies are being benchmarked and studied by worlds leading countries.

FBC May Newsletter

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Future is the current word of UAE.  In the morning, when opening the newspaper, it is filled with futuristic visions and strategies 2021, 2030, 2071… Also not forgetting all the platforms for future innovation, incubators, start- up platforms, labs etc. Especially for the new comers to the region, but also for long- term expats, this all might sound confusing, where to start, how to get involved? For this reason, FBC would like to lift the curtain and look behind, what's on offer for FBC, how their members, corporate members and steak holders could benefit of all these different programs and platforms. 

FBC visits Louvre Abu Dhabi

FBC visits Louvre Abu Dhabi

FBC enjoyed a facinating guided tour of the new museum which is an architectural masterpiece by designer, Jean Nouvel, and includes a growing collection of ancient archaeological finds, paintings, and both historical and contemporary installations. Hundreds of pieces represent ancient Egypt, the Roman Empire, ancient Chinese dynasties, the Renaissance, the Impressionists and the Modernists. 

Abu Dhabi University Inauguration Ceremony

Abu Dhabi University (ADU),  opened their state-of-the-art, multi-purpose innovation center, an addition to the ADU facilities designed to nurture and foster innovation across a range of different sectors. The inauguration ceremony rounded off ADU’s activities and contribution to UAE Innovation Month, a month-long campaign aligned to the UAE government’s National Innovation Strategy. 

Tek­no­lo­gia­sil­ta Lähi-itään? Sharjahin kaupunki Per­sian­lah­del­la haluaa yhteistyöhön Oulun kanssa

Tek­no­lo­gia­sil­ta Lähi-itään? Sharjahin kaupunki Per­sian­lah­del­la haluaa yhteistyöhön Oulun kanssa

Oulussa on tulevaisuus. Iso vierailijaryhmä Arabiemiraateista on vakuuttunut kaupungissa vallitsevasta energiasta ja haluaa kaupungin yhteistyökumppaniksi lahjakkaiden, innovatiivisten kaupunkien verkostoon, kertoo sheikki Fahim Sultan Al Qasim. Hän kiersi alkuviikosta kaksi päivää tutustumassa Ouluun erittäin tiiviin ohjelman myötä.